The Center of Biomolecular Therapy and Diagnostic (CBTD) has been established to conduct research, develop and apply immunological methods along with biomolecular technology to produce basic test kit for clinical diagnosis by focusing on the commercial development of manufacturing sector in order to raise Thailand's production to reach international standard.
  Goal of CBTD  
To study and develop research knowledge on novel protein production system for more effective therapeutic use.
To promote, support and cooperate in term of research with both public and private sectors as well as those interested by providing tools, technology and knowledge transfer service. This will lead to research development at the national level.
To support policies and strategies about biomolecular therapy in Thailand.
To promote research and its application to public, along with supporting the use of research in local, national and international levels.
To enhance and promote collaborative research group by linking professionally skilled lecturers and researchers who share similar field of interest for potential development of personnel and agencies.
To broaden the center’s capability and making it the test kit development hub as well as to deliver developed technologies for practical use in both national and international levels.
  Research in CBTD  
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Gene Therapy
Strip test